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The majority of our revenue is generated from a mining lease in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, where the Scully Iron Ore mine is located. The lease, which began in 1956 and expires in 2055, includes our net revenue royalty interest on iron ore shipped from the mine. We receive a minimum annual payment of $3.25 million, which can be credited towards royalties amounting to 7% of net revenue. The mine resumed operations in 2019 under new ownership, and its first seaborne vessel shipment of iron ore concentrate was announced on August 30 of that year.
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In April 2021, the Company announced that it was determined to focus its efforts on enhancing shareholder value and maximizing earnings and dividends to its shareholders based upon its iron ore royalty interest. Aligned with this focus, the Company announced that its board of directors has taken the first step by approving a cash dividend policy. The dividend policy is intended to maximize potential future dividends payable to holders of common shares. after consideration of the Company's financial position, operating results, ongoing working capital requirements and other factors.
In April, we just declared our dividend of 2023:
$0.23 (US$0.17) per Common Share payable on May 19, 2023 to shareholders of record on May 5, 2023.
In 2022, we declared the four following cash dividends:
$0.25 (US$0.18) per Common Share paid on March 4, 2022 to shareholders of record on February 21, 2022;
$0.34 (US$0.27) per Common Share paid on May 23, 2022 to shareholders of record on May 10, 2022;
$0.33 (US$0.26) per Common Share paid on August 26, 2022 to shareholders of record on August 12, 2022; and
$0.21 (US$0.16) per Common Share paid on December 6, 2022 to shareholders of record on November 22, 2022.

Stock Dividend Policy

On April 30, 2021, the Company announced that Our board of directors approved the stock dividends that will be distributed to holders of our Common Shares. The stock dividends received requisite stock exchange approvals. No fractional shares were issued by us in connection with such stock dividends.
In 2021, we declared the two stock dividends:
On May 31, 2021 Scully distributed a 9% stock dividend to shareholders of record as at May 14, 2021
On November 30, 2021 Scully distributed a 8% stock dividend to our shareholders of record as at November 15, 2021.

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Scully Royalty Ltd. Releases Six-Month Results for 2023

Half-year 2023 results, available on its website and EDGAR, with conference calls for stakeholders.
Corporate Updates

Scully mine operator's court proceedings under CCAA.

Mine operator begins CCAA proceedings; secures $75M loan. Company has C$5.865M Q2 2023 royalty claims. Optimism for increased production.
Corporate Updates

Merkanti Holding Ends Acquisition Plan for Sparkasse Malta

Merkanti Holding calls off Sparkasse Malta acquisition due to global interest rate changes. No major financial impact expected.

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