Enhancing Shareholder Value

An iron ore royalty company with diversified merchant banking subsidiaries

Royalty Rate

Scully Royalty's interest includes a 7.0% royalty on iron ore shipped from the mine, 4.2% on iron ore from tailings, and a minimum annual payment of C$3.25 million.

Maximize Value

Our commitment is to enhance shareholder value and maximize earnings and dividends through our iron ore royalty interest.

Operating Segment

Scully Royalty operates in three segments: (i) Royalty, (ii) Industrial (resources and services projects), and (iii) Merchant Banking (regulated merchant banking services).

Rationalizing Assets

We are in the process of streamlining our corporate structure by separating non-strategic assets, enabling each business line to focus on its respective pursuits and operations.

Governance Documents

In compliance with NYSE Listing Standards on Corporate Governance, Scully Royalty Ltd. is a "foreign private issuer", the NYSE does not require Scully to comply with all its listing standards regarding compliance. However, foreign private issuers are required to disclose any significant ways in which their corporate governance practices differ from those followed by U.S. domestic issuers under NYSE listing standards. Summarized below are the significant ways in which our practices differ from those required to be followed by U.S. domestic issuers:
Section 303A.03 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual requires the non management directors of a listed company to meet at regularly scheduled executive sessions without management. Since July 2017, all Scully independent directors have held committee meetings at which non-independent directors and members of management were not in attendance.
Section 303A.08 of the NYSE Listed Company Manual requires shareholder approval of all equity compensation plans and material revisions to such plans. Our current stock option plan has been approved by shareholders and does not require further shareholder approval to amend any revisions to the beneficiaries of the plan