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Our global experience and local knowledge helps you control your exports, improve cash flow and manage overseas risks.

We provide a full range of import services to ensure that your transactions are processed quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk.

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Structured Finance

Our Structured Finance group offers our customers financing solutions for transactions that require unique and innovative structures.

Based on a comprehensive review and analysis, our structured finance solutions can provide the capital and services that our customers need to meet the demands of their business.

With the volatile markets in recent years, MFC has remained committed to providing financial solutions to our customers. Our team of experts work to determine our customers’ needs and execute them, so that they can move forward with confidence.

Trade Finance

With our European bank we can provide our customers with the trade financing solutions they need to support their international business. We can facilitate our customers transactions by financing the trade of their goods in the form of direct loans, co-lending or guarantees and letter of credits to those products or services that our customers provides.

Inventory Finance

MFC can provide or arrange lines of credit or short-term loans for the purpose of purchasing materials or components for use in manufacturing. The purchased products are collateral for the loan. Inventory financing is especially useful for businesses that must pay their suppliers in a shorter period of time than it takes them to manufacture and sell their inventory. It also helps even out the strain that seasonal or cyclical demand can have on cash flows and can help achieve higher sales.


We are experienced at various kinds of accounts receivable finance, including the sale of accounts receivable to a third party. A manufacturer can sometimes factor its receivable assets to meet present or immediate cash needs.

Accounts receivable financing using receivables as collateral for a revolving or term loan is also a service MFC can provide.


MFC provides international forfaiting services through our network of offices.

Our forfaiting activities are the purchasing of bills of exchange, promissory notes, and deferred payment letters from our customers, which are usually guaranteed by a bank. These services provide our customers with improved cash flow while reducing the risk from non-payment from their clients, improving cash flow allows them to purchase additional materials or goods for their ongoing business.

Risk Management

Our global experience and local knowledge helps insure that our customers’ transactions are processed quickly and efficiently while minimizing their overseas risk.

Strategic Consulting

MFC has a proven record of strategic consulting and consistent quality, with a team that has on average over twenty years of experience in the industry, MFC has been setting the standard in the financial business. We understand the importance of experience, priding ourselves on our strategic consulting and expertise in the global market.


We operate in multiple geographic areas, our team specializes in sourcing, warehousing, processing, packaging, transportation, freight consolidation and International just-in-time deliveries for producers and consumers around the world.

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